​​The Uniqueness of Painters Powder:

~Made with all-natural ingredients~
~Can be added to any color latex paint~
~Little to no sanding/priming required~
~Easy to usE~
~Made in the USA~

What is Chalky & Company?

It's a brand new company that focuses on bringing out the ‘crafty’ in everyone. Our signature product is Painter’s Powder, an additive for latex paint to create that chalky paint look.  I love to paint just as much as I love to take pictures, so what better two things to combine!

​Anyone can be crafty, you just haven't found it yet!


The model of the company is to book ‘Paint Parties’ where each guest will complete a “Paint It Chalky” kit from start to finish. These kits include a wood project, 4 oz. of Painter’s Powder, foam brush set and 8 oz. Painter’s Choice Paint. Guests will leave with a completed project and the remainder of their Painter’s Powder, which can be used at home on a project of their choice. What’s more, the inspiration and knowledge to tackle their own furnishings with a can do attitude! We also offer an amazing prodcut line that includes paints, stains, glazes, waxes, brushes and embellishments.

Many people like to paint or craft, but feel they are not experienced to make their own creations. This is why I love Chalky & Company – absolutely no experience is necessary! That is the beauty of our projects – each project is unique to YOU! It is a reflection of your creativity and your personality. Our classes are a great way to create new projects, learn new techniques and spend time with your friends/family.

Can you see yourself holding a workshop for your close friends? Then Chalky & Company is for you!

Contact me at info@wwalkerphotography.com for more information on joining me at one of my workshops or if you'd like to host one of your own.

I have some Fall and Christmas Workshops planned including painting a wood picture frame and then you can use one of your prints from a session that you've had with me.  The print will be on me!!!!  How cool is that??

I'm so excited about this opportunity of just having fun and painting!